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Film Three Stars

Bitten is a short film that is pretty self explanatory, as soon as the opening scenes hit you can see what the film is going to be about - a woman is running through darkened woods holding her arm and looking in pain and distress. With a man chasing her armed with a shotgun you can guess that she's just been bitten by something unsavoury and that this is going to be a werewolf story.

Well this short has something a little different to offer and looks slightly to the side of the standard werewolf tale. It also keeps the view of the film small, never looking to something bigger than the characters involved and their short story.

It begins really well, the woods are lit well and look scary and eerie with the man and woman playing out their roles convincingly. However it does turn rather clichéd with pretty atypical events occurring as you would expect in such a story, and just when you would expect them. There are little surprises in the story.

That said it is a well filmed short that looks every bit a feature, particularly with the great effects for the creature changes. There's also a great style to the creature moving and fighting, remaining slightly human in its movements and producing something much better than the standard werewolf type creature. The creature is more Descent than Howling.

The score is another strong aspect of the film that hits it's target well, managing to help build the tension and scares, but since they are pretty standard and come at the expected points there's not a great deal it can achieve.

The film does look and sound great, but there is a feeling that this has been done before and it doesn't bring anything new to the genre. Perhaps this will get the talent behind it noticed and they can move onto something stronger.

Dead by Dawn 2008



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