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Brett Ratner for God of War and Beverly Hills Cop 4?

BrettRatner.jpgBrett Ratner could have two new projects on the way. First up is a film adaptation of the video game God of War. And the next on could see him directing a new Beverly Hills Cop film starring Eddie Murphy.

As a seasoned player of console games I seem to have managed to miss God of War on the way. What was I thinking?

On adage through Cinematical, Brett Ratner was giving an interview, talking about his new consultancy business, yawn. But at the end of the interview Ratner suggested that he might be working on a film of the PS2 game God of War. As I said I seem to have missed this one, but a quick bit of searching seems to suggest that it's a damn good game. Anyone out there played it? Would you want a film version, especially one with Ratner directing?

More Brett Ratner news this morning for you. With Indiana Jones out, and The A Team film finally getting somewhere, turns out the next 80's hit getting a new outing is Beverly Hills Cop. Hmph, now I've got that music in my head.

Variety through AICN report that a fourth Beverly Hills Cop film is due for production. Eddie Murphy is already attached to reprise his role as Axel Foley, and has been for some time, and Brett Ratner is in talks to direct. They are aiming to release it in summer 2010. Not a surprise that Eddie Murphy is keen to go back, he's hardly been setting the box office alight of late, Shrek films aside.

For me the first Beverly Hills Cop films was the best, and I'm not sure I'd be rushing to see fourth. What about you, are you up for more Axel Foley? Do you want Brett Ratner getting his hands on the series?



Well you have to admit that Ratner is well suited for this type of film, and that's probably the first time I've said that in my life!

However Murphy has a lot to do to regain his success of those heady days, and just standing there swearing is not going to cut it anymore.


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