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Brothers in Arms film?

BrotherInArms.jpgThe latest Brothers In Arms game will be released in August and there is already talk of it being turned into a film. The technical advisor for the games was at a press launch and spoke about the book he's written, and also the possibility of Brothers In Arms Highway to Hell becoming a film.

I've only played the first in the series, Brothers In Arms Road to Hill 30, but having heard this, I'll be trying the new one on the PS3.

Brothers In Arms Highway to Hell is based on a real conflict during World War II. In Operation Market Garden Allied troops landed in the Netherlands and Germany in an attempt to secure a number of bridges over rivers in then German occupied Netherlands. While the mission took 10 days and the game will deal with 8 of them, Colonel John Antal has written a book about the other two days.

Colonel John Antal has been a technical advisor on the games, providing inside knowledge on everything from weapons to the training the men would have had. Through Eurogamer, he says a film may be made of the novel he has written:

There's two days of the 10 days that are not in the game. And those two days that are not in the game, I made the story for the novel; we filled the gap. I think the novel will be a movie. There's talks; but until you get beyond the talks, it's all talk. Anyone who has a brain, who's involved in the financing of this stuff and the creation of this stuff goes okay, make a hit videogame hit, really good showing as a novel, yeah that might make a good movie. But, you know, it all depends.

I remember the first as being great, it played like more than just a first-person shooter, and was also based on real life events. I can imagine a film of this one being great, but I'd prefer it if the film was of the whole mission, not just the two days in the book. It could turn out to be a great war film, especially if they stick to fact as much as possible. What do you think, would you want to see a Brothers In Arms film?



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