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Captain America,Thor,Iron Man 2 news

Marvel.jpgMarvel Studios president Kevin Feige has been talking a little bit about the Captain America and Thor films, and also about what the latest on Iron Man 2 is.

Kevin Feige was talking at a preview of footage of The Incredible Hulk.

Talking on SciFi Wire about The First Avenger: Captain America,he said that the film would stick to the original story and be based in the World War II period. The film will also help set up The Avengers movie which will be released soon after. He also said that Matthew McConaughey, will not be playing the man himself.

On Thor, he confirmed that most of the film will take place in Asgard, and not in modern day:

The film is not all Asgard, but it will be a big chunk in Asgard yeah.

And finally he said that they were in talks with Jon Favreau to return for Iron Man 2, and that they hope to have him signed soon. Let's hope Favreau is locked in soon. Any preferences for Captain America casting, now that the rumour has been quashed?



As gay as it sounds someone playing Captain America would have to have blonde or light brown hair and have that good looking all-American boy look about them so I'm thinking Brad Pitt,Matt Damon,Ryan Gosling,Ryan Phillipe,I could go on and on but hopefully it will be an unknown who's half a decent actor.

I suppose that's the problem, getting someone with the physical build to play him, but who can also act. If Christian Bale wasn't already Batman, and was blond he could work maybe.


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