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Closing Credits: Sydney Pollack

SydneyPollack.jpgSydney Pollack, the hugely influencial director and also actor, died on Monday aged seventy three.

Highlights of his work include Out of Africa, Tootsie, Three Days of the Condor, The Way We Were, and an uncredited directing role in The Swimmer, as well as many acting roles.

Out of Africa alone brought seven Oscars with eleven nominations, and he worked with great actors from his very first film The Slender Thread starring Anne Bancroft. From then he continued to work with top actors such as Burt Lancaster, Jane Fonda, Robert Mitchum, Al Pacino, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

He also had a healthy acting career, but what was perhaps less known about the man was his production career, not only producing a great many of his own films but also some strong films of the last year, particularly working with Anthony Minghella.

The news comes through the BBC.

He's a talent that will be sorely missed and is responsible for some great films. Looking at his career what films stand out for you as landmarks of his career?

Director, Producer, Actor
Sydney Pollack



Oh I am gutted! I have always admired Sydney Pollack. I saw him last in Made of Honour, playing Patrick Dempsey's father.



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