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Colonel Tom Parker film in the works

Elvis.jpgA film is to be made chronicling the relationship between Elvis Presley and his manager Colonel Tom Parker. The film will be called The Colonel, and is based on the book by Alanna Nash called, The Colonel: The Extraordinary Story Of Colonel Tom Parker And Elvis Presley.

The relationship between the King of Rock and Roll and Parker is a fascinating one, with Parker manging Presley for the whole of his career.

David Permut and Steve Binder are the producers who are developing the film, according to Digital Spy.

The partnership between Colonel Tom Parker and Elvis Presley was an intense one. With Parker taking almost total control over Presley's career, without Parker's involvement its highly unlikely that Presley would ever have achieved the success that he did. But Parker's control was a source of irritation as well for Presley, who made less money than Parker did, and was often frustrated by Parker's decisions. He tried to fire him at least once, but couldn't tell Parker to his face and changed his mind. However despite tensions Parker was his manager until Presley's death in 1977. Parker died in 1997 in Las Vegas.

Having grown up listening to more than my fair share of Elvis Presley, I've always enjoyed his music. And there would definitely be no shortage of content for a film. For some reason though I can't imagine it as being anything other than a straight to DVD job. It's not like there aren't plenty of Elvis impersonators who would be queuing up for the job, but is there a big name star who could fill those shoes?



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