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Donnie Darko 2 casting

DonnieDarko.jpgThere's more news about the Donnie Darko sequel appearing online, and it's sounding more and more ill fated by the second.

Now we're hearing that Elizabeth Berkley and Briana Evigan have been chosen for the cast, that means sexy ladies from some less than hard hitting dramas.

That said we already know that Daveigh Chase is returning from the original and Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl, Children of Men and Son of Rambow, and Justin Chatwin from the excellent The Chumscrubber (Filmstalker review), so maybe there's some light in there.

However the news from The Hollywood Reporter of Elizabeth Berkley and Briana Evigan being cast doesn't fill me with confidence. Berkley has never really amounted to more than Showgirls, and Evigan has just been seen in tight, wet clothing in the formulaic street dancing Step Up 2 the Streets.

Neither sounds very promising, and the fact that the director Chris Fisher has mainly being doing television for the last few years isn't a great sign, nor are the IMDB ratings for his first three films.

All in all I think S. Darko, as the film is being called, is headed for a big fall. However let's try a little exercise here. See if you can put yourself in a positive frame of mind and find anything in there that could make this a strong sequel, and if not in the line up, something totally new - is there any way this could be made to work and be as strong and as impactful as Donnie Darko was?



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