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Dreamworks will remake Japanese film Yomigaeri.

The comic book Runaways will be made into a film.

Uwe Boll is complaining about the release of Postal.

Dreamworks will start work later this year on a Japanese remake. The film is called Yomigaeri (Resurrection) and is about a village where people come back from the dead, and at the same age as when they died. The news comes from Cinematical.

The next Marvel comic book adaptation is to be Runaways. It's a relatively new comic book from 2002, and Brian K. Vaughan who wrote the comic book is also writing the adaptation. I haven't read this one but the plot from The Hollywood Reporter sounds like this:

Runaways follows a group of teenagers who find that some family secrets are bigger than others when they discover their parents are actually super-villains. Running away from their homes, the teens band together and begin a journey of discovery, both of their parents' origins and of their own inherited powers, while trying to make up for the evil done by their folks.

There is no release date yet for this one, but we won't be short of Marvel films until it is.

Uwe Boll is whining again, this time it's about the release of Postal. On Reuters, Boll says the large cinema chains are banding together, and not showing for "political correctness" reasons. Boll feels that it is the content of the film that is the problem:

This is for me very disappointing, to be honest. They don't like the political content. This is my personal feeling after trying for four or five weeks to get the distributors to book it. It's a ruthless comedy and makes jokes about September 11 and all kinds of stuff, but at the same time I feel like it's my best-received movie so far.

A spokesman for the AMC cinema chain responded on:

We carefully evaluate the movies that we choose to play in our theatres and elected not to put this film in our theatres because we feel is does not have potential for commercial success in the U.S.

So whilst it could be for political reasons, it could also be that it just isn't that good. It's not like Boll to kick up a fuss though is it.



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