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Full Hancock trailer online in HD

Hancock.jpgAlthough we've already seen an extended trailer for Hancock starring Will Smith, that one isn't available anymore. So here is the full trailer, and it's also available in HD. It does looks quite good, and not the bordering on slapstick comedy I thought it might end up being.

Yahoo! Movies through Coming Soon has the full trailer for Hancock. Will Smith does look really good here, even though he actually looks like hell in the first half of the trailer. It looks like another great role for him, does he ever actually pick any bad ones?



Saw the trailer for this last night and looks really good, love the lines " I can smell the alcohol" "Thats coz Ive been drinking bitch!" or however it goes, very funny.

When I first heard about this film I was dubious but I like the trailer, especially the parts where he's less than hero like.


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