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Gene Hackman retires

GeneHackman.jpgWe may have seen the last of Gene Hackman on the big screen. Having recently published his third novel, he has said he has no plans to return to acting. The lure of writing and the roles he is being offered, have been enough to turn his attention elsewhere.

Gene Hackman hasn't made a film since Welcome to Mooseport in 2004. He has co-written three novels Wake of the Perdido Star, Justice for None and more recently Escape from Andersonville. Going by the quotes on Digital Spy he won't be coming back to the movie making business, and he also mentions that since becoming an author reviews have become more important.

I haven't worked in acting for four years now, so I guess you'd call it retirement... and I don't miss the business. I never read reviews of the films I've done but I read reviews of the books. I'm a neophyte at this and I want some kind of reinforcement that I should continue.

He also says that he doesn't want to end up playing grandfathers or doddering old men.

Given that he is 78 years old it's probably no surprise that he has retired. Given how great an actor he is, the thought of not getting the roles he once did could be disheartening. He will be a big miss though.



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