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Harrison Ford to go back to Ryan ?

HarrisonFord.jpgThis is another one for that rumour file, jeez it must be getting full. We may need a new file. It could be that Harrison Ford's return to Indiana Jones, could lead to him making a return to another of his characters.

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan series was set for a new beginning, with Ryan Gosling a potential new star, and Sam Raimi also in negotiations to take over directing duties. Nothing has been heard for a while, but the release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull may see the series take a new, yet old turn.

Cinema Blend reports that the series may return but with Harrison Ford playing the role of Jack Ryan again. The idea of making the Ryan character younger, may be ditched in favour of Ford.

Would Ford really be interested in revisiting another character? Would you be interested in seeing it? And would it be as enjoyable with Ford, but without Tom Clancy or Philip Noyce's involvement?



No way. How many could he do? One? Two? That's not a revival of a series, that's a revisit to an old past.

To revive the Jack Ryan series they need a young actor, and they should go for the Baldwin model of Ryan rather than the Ford one.


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