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Harvey Weinstein to crash Valkyrie's party?

Cruise-Valkyrie.jpgTom Cruise's film Valkyrie is due for release next year, and it could face some competition. The film that tells the story of a failed attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler during World War II, has competition from a film about, well, a failed attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler during World War II...

The Weinstein Company have snapped up the theatrical and DVD rights to the German made, Operation Valykrie.

The German made film Operation Valykrie, was produced in 2004 and starred Sebastian Koch as Col. Claus von Stauffenberg, the man who made the doomed attempt to kill Adolf Hitler. That would be the same role that Tom Cruise is playing in Valkyrie. And to add to it, Carice van Houten who is Cruise's co star in Valkyrie, was Koch's co star in Black Book. The news comes from defamer through Cinematical.

This normally wouldn't have been a big deal. A bit of opportunism from Harvey Weinstein, but with Valkyrie's release date moved to next year, it could be a bit embarrassing. It won't take away from the box office of Valkyrie with Tom Cruise in it, but what if Weinstein got his version released first?



What?!?!? Cruise's Valkyrie will not be released until next year? Well, 6 months away but still...

Youre spot on about the opportunism comment on Weinstein, Louise.

Yep, you'll be waiting until February I'm afraid Simone! Nevermind you might end up watching the German version first, minus Cruise though...

Oh stop teasing! I will most likely prefer Tom Cruise's version!


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