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Mick Jagger wanted role in A Clockwork Orange

MickJagger.jpgI always find it quite interesting when you find out what casting changes were made to films before they were made. For many reasons people drop out or are replaced, usually you can't imagine that first person playing the role.

Now we have found out that before Stanley Kubrick's involvement in A Clockwork Orange, Mick Jagger was interested in playing Alex, and the Beatles were to contribute to the soundtrack.

A letter quoted in the Guardian sent from executive producer Si Litvinoff to potential director John Schlesinger, talks about the interest in A Clockwork Orange from the Fab Four.

This film should break ground in its language, cinematic style and soundtrack. [And] the Beatles love the project.

Schlesinger decided against making the film, due to the nature of the violence in the film. Seems bonkers thinking about Mick Jagger playing Malcolm McDowell's role, and The Beatles playing in the background. I think we can safely say that one turned out for the better.

Any recasts that have surprised you? Anyone that you wish hadn't gotten a role over someone else?

One of my favourites was the role of Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs. It was originally intended for Michelle Pfeiffer, but having seen Jodie Foster's Starling I really don't think the film would have been any where near as good with Pfeiffer in it.



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