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MacGyver to make a film ?

Macgyver.jpgI used to love watching Macgyver on TV. Explosives made from household items, no situation you couldn't get out of without a swiss army knife and some duct tape. Well now it looks like a MacGyver film could be happening.

Lee David Zlotoff, the creator of the TV series, has said that he has the rights to a film version of MacGyver. The news comes from Gizmodo through /film. There hasn't been any formal announcement so any film would be a while away. With an A Team film in the works maybe he'll wait and see how that does down first. What next a film of Airwolf?

Anyone you'd like to see as MacGyver? Or should Richard Dean Anderson make a return.



I never cared for the show, before my time I think, but having watched The Simpsons (Patty and Selma, with their Mac obsession) and SG-1 (introducing me to RDA), I can't see any way it would work w/o RDA. I mean, it's just some douche improvising his way out of situations, right? Young people (like me) couldn't improvise their way out of shit--it needs to be someone oldish, so why not just stich with the original actor? I might be a bit biased though, hating the Miami Vice as I did because of ditching the original cast. Ancient though they are compared to me, I don't think any of these people (RDA, Don Johnson, etc) are so old they need replacing. If Ford can be Indy again, and Willis (despite the script) was up for DH4, then RDA can do MacGuyver. IMO.

But that's not what it's about, is it? It's about money and marketability. Bah. I feel way older and more offended than I have any right to... maybe I need a nap. lol

You're pretty much spot on with your description! A film with Richard Dean Anderson would be good, but I reckon it would be better if he was still trying his old tricks with duct tape etc, despite the fact that technology has moved on a fair bit. A clash of different times perhaps.

Might be a nice clash with the likes of 24 where Jack Bauer gets his way by using guns, torture and not to mention just shouting "Give me the information" and "We don't have time" really loudly.


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