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Joe Dante is making two new horror films

JoeDante.jpgYou wait ages for Joe Dante to make a horror film, and then two come along at once. He made some of my favourite films when I was a bit ,ahem a lot, younger, and now he has two more horror films on the way.

Joe Dante will direct Bat Out of Hell, which sees some hijackers of a cargo plane get a surprise in the hold. And he will also make The Hole, which is about "a family of fugitives who "hole" up in a house that has a very strange ... PIT ... in the basement." The news comes from Variety and Cinematical.

I loved Innerspace, so much I watched it again and again. Gremlins is also a favourite of mine, it's good to see him making films again.



Innerspace is great fun, and Gremlins was and is a classic. I'd love to see him do something different and these storylines certainly sound far removed from what he's really known for.


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