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Jonah Hill on Transformers 2 and 21 Jump Street

JonahHill.jpgJonah Hill has been talking about why he won't be appearing in Transformers 2. And also his plan to make a 21 Jump street film, and which original star he's planning to approach.

Jonah Hill was rumoured to be starring as Shia LaBeouf's college room mate in Transformers 2. However the deal hasn't come off, and his reasons are fairly honest. He told MTV News:

I just think like I have to prove myself more in what I’m doing now, making comedies and stuff before I do the big action movie or something, you know? I’m not proven yet. I’ve only been in one movie that people have seen that I’ve been the lead in so like, um, I could still suck in people’s minds, they don’t know yet!...It was very cool of them but I thought I should make some more comedies first, you know? I love the Transformers movies and Transformers was one of my favorite shows from when I was a kid. I think it’s going to be an awesome movie. Unfortunately, I’m not in it.

Some actors would have jumped at the chance to be in a film as big as Transformers 2, so fair play to him. He is planning on adapting 21 Jump Street for the big screen though, but says if it's going to be a turkey he won't bother.

...It's not like slapstick or anything like that. I don't want to make some sh---y movie. I wouldn't want to do it if it was gonna suck, you know what I mean? I really think it's going to be sweet...People expect you to do something crappy [when] adapting a TV show into a film. ... When I hear it, it seems totally unoriginal. But it's going to be — we're approaching it from an original standpoint, I'll tell you that much. It's going to have some of the funniest people around in it, and it's going to be really funny, I hope. Or we won't make it! If it doesn't turn out funny, I promise you, we will not make it.

He also has plans to ask Johnny Depp to be in it:

We have an awesome thing for [Johnny] Depp, if he’ll do it. I don’t know if he will or not, [but] it’s going to be rad!

It's fairly refreshing to see an actor admit that they haven't proved themselves enough for a particular film. Usually people are looking for the quickest way to the top. Sounds like Hill really wants to prove himself.



So it's going to be the same bunch of comedians doing the same stuff in a film with a mild plot around 21 Jump Street?


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