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DVD One Star
When I initially heard about the film Karla and the true story behind it I immediately wrote about it online, because it was an interesting true life story to come to film and also because it was coming under fire for the portrayal of the murdering couple, and in particular of Karla herself.

No sooner had I written about it than I received a piece of anti-Karla fan mail stating that the film shouldn't be shown and it was a disgrace. Of course I don't know about you, but that instantly made me want to see it and there lies the problem with people protesting against something, it makes people want to find out more, whether they would have in the first place or not.

Karla.jpgPlot.pngThe story is a fascinating one and opens as Karla arrives to another prison from the one she's been serving her term in to be psychiatric evaluation to see if she can be released on parole. At this point we know little of the story itself, unless you'd been following it in real life.

Karla arrives to talk to the Doctor and through these sessions we see flashbacks of her life telling her side of the story that led to multiple abductions, rapes and murders allegedly carried out by her husband and aided by herself.

TheFilm.pngThe thing that strikes you straight away is the fact that it looks like a made for television film. The look and feel, the actors, and the acting itself, which can be a little over the top at times.

There's not a lot of power to the key scenes, something I found a little disappointing. Although there were some powerful scenes which should have been distressing and uncomfortable, they didn't feel that way at all, and I put that down to the fact that this is a made for television movie.

I think that there was a lot of reliance placed on people knowing the story already, and that seeing these scenes played out on the screen would make them think of the incidents and trigger their own emotional connection with the real story.

For someone who didn't know a lot about it, there wasn't a lot of emotional connection to be had and it was difficult to feel a lot for the character in distress or for these scenes to make you feel much.

The film is good for not taking a particular viewpoint and ramming it at the audience. Sure, this is presenting Karla's views in flashback, but then it is presenting the story of her recounting what happened in her own memory, and never does it say that the audience should believe anything or make a particular conclusion. This can be a strong aspect of any film that views a real life event such as this.

Picture.png1.78:1 / 16:9
The picture is pretty grainy picture when filmed in lower lit scenes, and it does look like an older filmed television movie.

Audio.pngDD 5.1
There is a good use of mood music from rear speakers along with a few ambient sounds.

There are no extras included with the DVD which I think is very disappointing considering it is a real life story and how much material there must be out there to use.

Overall.pngI think that the DVD offering isn't a strong one as it has no additional features, and the film itself isn't up to the quality I was hoping to see. That said the true story is perhaps one to be seen for how it makes you view the story and the lead character Karla.

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