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Stalked:Kick-Ass,Nightmare on Elm Street, The Octopus

The adaptation of Kick-Ass is underway.

The Nightmare on Elm Street remake may have a writing partnership on board.

And you can take a peek at Samuel L Jackson's Octopus.

The comic book adaptation of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr’s Kick-Ass is underway. With Matthew Vaughn's deal to direct Thor expiring, he will be directing. There was an earlier rumourthat he would be directing, and it seems it has come true. He has also written the screenplay with Jane Goldman. Kick-Ass sees a 15 year old boy with no superpowers trying to become a superhero. News comes from /Film.

Why they are remaking A Nightmare on Elm Street I don't know. But the deal is near to being done, and two people with prior horror experience could be attached. Bloody Disgusting say Damian Shannon and Mark Swift , the writers of the Friday 13th remake, and Freddy v Jason are the makers favourite choice.

Want to see what Samuel L Jackson looks like as The Octopus in Frank Miller's The Spirit? Head over to JoBlo who have a photo courtesy of Comic Con magazine.



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