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Laura Dern will be in Jurassic Park IV

JurassicPark.jpgLaura Dern has confirmed that she is going to be in Jurassic Park IV. News on the latest installment has been thin on the ground recently, but Dern says she will be in it.

Speaking to TV Guide, through Bloody Disgusting Laura Dern said:

It isn't just speculation. It's a while away, but my understanding is it's happening and my character is very involved. I know Steven Spielberg is looking forward to getting it together over the next year.

Well there is some movement at least. Lets hope the whole dinosaurs with guns plan is still off the menu. No word on Sam Neill returning yet, or a plot that doesn't involve a T Rex with a semi-automatic. Are you interested in another Jurassic Park film, or have they had their day?



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