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Marvel unveils post Iron Man plan

IronMan.jpgEnjoyed Iron Man? Like comic book to film adaptations? Let's hope so because following the success of Iron Man this week, Marvel have announced their future film plans. Five more comic book adaptations are planned, see inside for details.

Marvel Entertainment through comicbookmovie say they are planning the following releases. X-Men Origins: Wolverine we know is coming out May next year, Iron Man 2 will follow in 2010 as we suspected, Thor will also be out in 2010. The First Avenger: Captain America will hit screens in May 2011, and in July 2011 we can expect to see The Avengers movie.

So a busy few years ahead. Out of that lot I'm most excited about Captain America and The Avengers. Any that you're particularly looking forward to, or are you apt to see them all?



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