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Matthew McConaughey to be Captain America ?

MatthewMcConaughey.jpgWith Marvel announcing their film plans yesterday, the news came that the Captain America film will be released in 2011. Now we have word from an inside source of who might be playing the man himself.

Matthew McConaughey is the man rumoured to be in the frame as Captain America in The First Avenger: Captain America. Cinema Blend has the scoop from someone apparently in the know. He's certainly got the right build and look for it if nothing else.

So what do you think is McConaughey the right man for the job? Or is there someone else you'd rather see in the role?



ok this might be a bit of a weird choice but i think Tim Connolly would make quite a good captain america. I know he's not exactly a famous actor but from what ive seen of him i think he would suit the personality of captain america really well. plus he looks just right for the part.

I had heard the name before but couldn't remember what he looked like. Having checked some photos out he does look the part, probably closer to the square jawed chiselled look.


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