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Michael Bay to make Ouija board film

MichaelBay.jpgUniversal's deal with Hasbro has already sprouted a few strange possibilities. One of them turned into an actual project, with Ridley Scott in the process of making a Monopoly film. What the...? Well now the same man that brought us Transformers, will bring the Hasbro ouija board game to life.

Dear God. Have they ran out of comic books and novels to adapt? Isn't there a perfectly good film out there that they could "reimagine"? Is this April Fools Day?

SciFi Wire say that Michael Bay's production company Platinum Dunes, will make a film version of the ouija board game. Now I haven't played it but I can pretty much guess what happens, I'm that clever. But a film of it, I can't see that being anything other than a plain old horror film, with a ouija board bringing messages from beyond the grave. I'm willing to be surprised, but I'm not holding my breath.

You can almost see that Monopoly, given a good script could turn out to be a behind the scenes exposee of the real estate world, no doubt involving booze and drugs. And with Ridley Scott on board you know it's going to look good. And even the film version of Cluedo was quite good fun.

But a ouija board? Madness. At least make Battleship or something half way exciting. My personal favourite for the next one will be Scrabble. Now that would be entertaining...Are you looking forward to a ouija board film, any board games you want them to turn into films while they are there?



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