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Michael Moore documentary not a sequel

MichaelMoore.jpgMichael Moore has been talking about his new documentary. At the Cannes film festival he told a reporter that it wasn't a sequel. We can expect more revelations though, and George Bush may well not be off the agenda.

Michael Moore told the AP through Yahoo!, that the film isn't a sequel but will look at America post 9/11.

To just say it's a sequel is so wrong. It would be easier and safer to make a sequel, if that's all it was, but this isn't about Bush. We all know this. Regardless of who the president is come November, we have a big mess, a big, big mess to be cleaned up, and I don't know whether it can be cleaned up. The toxicity of the spill may be so great that there's nothing we can do about it. If that's the case, where are we now as America and as Americans?

Moore also hinted that the new film would perhaps look to hold certain people accountable, for their actions over the last eight years.

Our biggest enemy that we should have been afraid of during these last eight years was perhaps an internal one, and I don't mean ourselves. I mean people that were up to absolutely no good when it came to what was best for this country and best for the world.

It's my sincere hope that next Jan. 20, it's not just a transition taking place at the White House, where the U-Haul pulls up to take his stuff to Crawford (Texas). I think there should be a perp-walk coming out of the West Wing. The crimes that these people have committed go far beyond — and I'm not saying it on any kind of an emotional level or what my feelings are about Bush or whatever. I think there are very specific things that need to be looked at in terms of what they've done.

Sounds like the new documentary could be pretty explosive stuff. Moore certainly won't be shying away from giving his opinions that's for sure.



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