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More Uwe Boll sour grapes

BillyZane.jpgFor a moment there I really did think that Uwe Boll was sobering up and going straight with his career, trying to play the marketing game and keep his public profile strong, until I heard that he's suing Billy Zane for lost revenue on Bloodrayne.

Of course it's Zane's fault, why wouldn't it be? After all he is one of the actors in the film, although not the lead. Well it seems there's a bit more to it than that.

The film was released in January 2006 in the U.S. and through to July 2006 elsewhere in the world, but it's the U.S. release that Uwe Boll seems to be sour about.

According to The Hollywood Reporter he's annoyed that Billy Zane had persuaded Uwe Boll to distribute the film with Romar Entertainment with a promise of an opening in two thousand cinemas and that Zane and Romar Entertainment wanted U.S. $10 million from him for marketing the film.

Well he gave them $900,000 and only saw the film open in under a thousand cinemas with the film only taking S4 million, so he's suing Billy Zane.

What is he doing? That was 2006 and now he's racing to sue one of the actors for recommending the company that he ended up signing with? Is he going to sue himself for making such a bad business decision, or for making the film in the first place?



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