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Neil Marshall talks Doomsday and future projects

NeilMarshall.jpgDuring Dead by Dawn this year Neil Marshall's Doomsday was kind enough to occupy the closing slot of the festival and provide us with the UK premiere of the film - well done Mr Marshall.

After the screening Neil stayed around for a few questions and answers, and as usual the Scottish audience were rather shy, but we did get some great questions from the audience and answers out of the Director.

Here's what Neil Marshall said in bullet points - give me a break I forgot the tape recorder and wouldn't have enough time to transcribe it anyway, I'm getting married on Saturday!

  • Doomsday (Filmstalker review) is a homage to a lot of films
  • It was a sixty-six day shoot
  • The car chase sequences took three weeks to shoot
  • A lot of the Scottish scenes were filmed in Cape Town, South Africa, particularly Queens Street station which was filmed in a mall that they managed to shut down
  • They had to buy three Bentleys for the production, none were given to them
  • One of the Bentleys was crashed deliberately and another was sold back to the dealer, but one more was accidentally wrecked by the second unit. While filming a scene with the car racing out of a tunnel the brakes locked and it headed towards a cliff, the stunt man hit a bollard on the edge and put it into a flat spin which saved them. It caused the car to land at the bottom on all four wheels and they walked out, although the car was wrecked
  • There is going to be a longer cut for the DVD release, mainly around character building and more fighting for Adrian Lester who is a black belt in some martial art
  • There was studio pressure for a well known name for the lead role and Rhona Mitra tested well for the role
  • Neil has no idea if she is single or not
  • The US box office performance "sucked" because the marketing was all wrong and they just "didn't get it" according to Neil
  • Neil talked to Rob Green who is supposed to be directing Dog Soldiers 2: Fresh Meat and he has no idea about the film and where it is
  • He has no involvement in The Descent 2 whatsoever, it is the same team for the second film and the editor Jon Harris is a great choice for the director
  • Apart from writing and directing the horror Sacrilege, he also has a noir thriller in the works called Drive, and this is a total departure from his previous horror work

So that's pretty much what he said about things. The key points being that there is a longer cut for the DVD release of Doomsday and it will be released, that he's nothing to do with The Descent 2 or Dog Soldiers 2, and that he's also working on a film noir (ish) called Drive adapted from a James Sallis novel with Hugh Jackman starring as a Hollywood stunt driver who is also a wheelman by night who discovers there's a contract out on his head.

Despite what I thought of Doomsday (Filmstalker review), I still have high hopes for his coming projects.



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