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New Battle in Seattle trailer online

StuartTownsend.jpgThere's a new trailer online for the film Battle in Seattle, and this one really plays on the ensemble cast and shows a split between the tension on the streets and the courtroom action.

We've already seen one trailer, and this one makes Stuart Townsend's film of the events of the World Trade Organisation conference in 1999 look even stronger.

Stuart Townsend wrote and directed Battle in Seattle with a blistering cast, it does look like he could be set for great things from this trailer.

The film tells the story of the demonstrations against the World Trade Organisation conference in Seattle in 1999 and how the demonstrations went from peaceful to violent and how the police dealt with the situation. It also looks to the Mayor of the city who really tried to hold the peace, the story of the peaceful and violent protesters, and those innocents caught up in the riots.

Here's the second trailer through Filmofilia, see what you think:



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