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New teaser trailer for Babylon AD

BabylonAD.jpgA new teaser trailer for Babylon AD has arrived online. The film stars Vin Diesel and Michelle Yeoh. Unfortunately it's cut the same way as the previous one, but there are some nice visual effects in there that's for sure.

This could be a turn around in fortune for Vin Diesel, especially with the Fast and the Furious round the corner too. I think these are the kind of roles he does best.

You can see the second teaser trailer for Babylon AD below from allocine, through Jo Blo. Babylon AD has Vin Diesel plays a mercenary who agrees to escort a woman from Russia to China, little knowing what the woman is hiding. No doubt the full trailer for shed more light, but it's looking quite good so far.



that looks really interesting. I must admit i like "most" of his action roles. The films are great for shutting off on a friday night, grabbing a bowl of popcorn and putting your brain in a jar(a small one in some cases :) while you watch the movie.


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