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New Terminator design

TerminatorEndo.jpgTerminator 4 is filming now, and one of the designers working on it has been talking about the design of the new Terminator, except he won't look that new.

Miles Teves has been working as a concept artist on Terminator 4. He spoke about what the new Terminator will look like:

I did all kinds of work on the new sort of Terminator… uh, I can’t describe without being in breach of contract… But there is a new endo-skelleton-type super Terminator that in a way is actually cruder than any of the ones from any of the other films. This one sort of takes place before all the other films in a weird way. So everything in the film is actually supposed to be cruder technology than we see even in the first Terminator.

I like the sound of that. One of the many things that annoyed me about George Lucas' new Star Wars films, was how the technology was more advanced despite taking place before the other ones. He also confirmed the plot twist we knew about, if you don't want to know look away now.

It’s very different. It will probably be the most different film of the [series], …the first three films are essentially these hard driving chase films where you have this unstoppable force pursuing the hero. This is dramatically different in its structure and characters. It’s sort of the John Conner story, but strangely enough John Conner was not the main character. There is another guy who is the main protagonist of the film.

So that kind of confirms what we knew already. Teves also told Fanboy Confidential, through /film, the time frame the film takes place in and how he hopes the designs are not changed too much:

It completely takes place in the machine world in the post apocalyptic aftermath. There will be lots of hardware and cool toys to be sold. And hopefully they will not water them down and they’ll be as cool as the designs. And there was cool designs. A lot of tanks, a lot of vehicles, a lot of weird machines.

Between the child friendly rating and ever changing plots this is the best news I've heard on this film for a while. Does this make you feel any better about T4?



Thanks for posting this Louise, it does make me feel a lot better, especially after hearing about the rating for the film.

Let's hope this is a gooden.

Yeah, the rating still has me a little bummed.I worry that it will end up being the opposite of the first. It's been a while since I've watched it but I remember it being quite raw, I preferred that. T3 was too watered down for my liking.

The newer/older Terminator does sound interesting though. Can't wait to see what it looks like.

Yeah, they really are trying to fit in with the timeline and concepts, but I do think they've given away too much too early.

The big question is the director though and if they can pull back from the big action sequences and concentrate a little more on the underlying man-machine and time threads.


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