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No agreement yet between actors and studios

An actors strike could potentially still be on the cards after the two sides failed to reach an agreement. The studios pulled out of the talks, saying that the Screen Actors Guild's demands were unreasonable. The talks were aimed at reaching an early agreement, to avoid a similar situation to the writers strike.

The sticking point seems to still be SAGs demand for more money to take into account DVD sales, and online streaming. And also the use of raw footage in other projects without permission from the actors. Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, who are negotiating for the studios had this to say to Reuters:

With SAG's continued adherence to unreasonable demands ... continuing negotiations at this time does not make sense...(We) have offered to resume negotiations with SAG at a future date.

Alan Rosenberg had this to say on behalf of SAG:

It was our intention to carry these negotiations through to their conclusion, and I felt we were making progress, this interruption will make it more difficult to reach an agreement, although I'm still optimistic. I don't want to think about or talk about a strike until I'm convinced that we can't make progress in negotiations. And I'm not at that point yet.

The two sides had set a deadline for negotiations, and started talks early to try resolve the issues before the current contract ends on June 30th. Let's hope they get round the table again, so that there isn't a repeat of the disruption caused during the writers strike.



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