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Phantom of the Opera sequel

PhantomoftheOpera.jpgAndrew Lloyd Webber has revealed that he's going to be working on a new musical, not a great surprise since he turns these things out to great success like hotcakes...whatever they are.

However the musical he's announced is a sequel, and why am I talking about this? Well, because it's a sequel to a successful film which helped fill the varied career rise of a certain Mr Gerard Butler. So could we see another film down the line?

I'm not so sure that Gerard Butler would want to revisit his role as his career has now turned more to the action and hero genre, and he's doing that superbly well and still managing to pick some superb and very different films without being typecast and pidgeon-holed.

However I think it's a safe bet that Andrew Lloyd Webber is thinking of the possibilities of a sequel to this ever successful musical. One is that he has a massive audience out there who love the original, another is that he could run the casting for the West End show as a BBC television series, and the last is that this has successfully made it to the big screen and brought in more exposure and profit.

From the BBC Webber himself says:

"I have got my own new show coming on next year, which is my sequel to the Phantom of the Opera, which I think is going to be called Phantom: Once Upon Another Time...But that will come on in November next year, probably, if everything goes well."

He cements the idea that if they are to continue the BBC series then he needs a show behind it, otherwise it just won't work.

"I also have to remember that it's no good thinking of these shows in isolation...There has to be a show at the end of it. We are different to other shows because there is a real prize of a real job in the West End...

...If we haven't got a show - we don't have a television show."

So it's not a crazy idea to think of a sequel to The Phantom of the Opera musical and to imagine that once it's had a successful run, or perhaps even before, that Hollywood might eye it for a film sequel.

What do you think? Would fans of the original film, and of Butler in the role, want to see a sequel, and would you want Butler to return or for the role to be recast?



I won't be surprised if they make a film version if this sequel proves successful. But I don't think they would do it so soon though.

A sequel would be great, if only for the curiosity value. I think if it is done, though, new actors should be cast since I doubt if the chemistry would be the same among the originals. They have all grown in different directions. Now might be the time to look again at Antonio Banderas as the Phantom, since although he is older, he has that wonderful flair and romance one would expect in the Phantom.

I can honestly say that I would love for GB to do the sequel- do I think he would? Not likely. But please, God don't let Christine be played by Emmy Rossum again...borrrrring!!1

I love this idea but im not too sure wether it would be the same without Gerard Butler. Whenever i think of the phantom its always him that comes to mind. i'd still have to go and see it though.

I would love to see a sequel to Phantom of the Opera. To me, it would be best if the characters were played by the same actors, Emmy and GB, if that's possible. They made a great team, and understood the characters they played. The original left unanswered questions that screams for a sequel.

I think a sequel to Phantom IS THE GREATEST THING I am a HUGE Phantom fan, I have read all of the books that have been published to date. Gerard Butler to play the Phantom would absolutely be the BEST. Gerard's performance was BRILLIANT, He understood Erik,the man, with the emotions, feelings that society force on him. Please Please do a SEQUEL

It has to be Gerry Butler he is the Phantom and the
same cast It would be a dream!

Wow, Antonio Banderas as the Phantom? Now there's an interesting choice - It's actually a good one since the passage of time would have aged the character somewhat.

Simone is right though, it'll be a good while before there's a film depending on if the studio want to take a chance or not.

They might want to wait to see how the musical performs on stage before starting production on a film, then again they might decide to go for it as soon as the musical is written.

My personal belief is that they would wait until the musical has proven itself and I can't see Webber giving up the glory of a long run in the West End to a film version.

Phantom of the Opera has been playing on the West End for 18 years before they decided to make a film version, a decision that surprised many of the Phantom purists including myself. I thought there was no way they could do a film version that was in the very least, could live up to the success of the stage version and we were proven wrong of course. The Phantom sequel wont be staged until November 2009 and should it not work, and becomes a flop, what's the whole point of doing a film?

I think that is the BEST idea I have ever heard.
Definitely Gerard Butler as the Phantom, and if possible the enire cast. That was the GREATEST movie
ever, mainly because of Gerard Butler's performance.
I can't see anyone else in the role. He was casting perfection. No one else could ever define the Phantom character like he did.

Oh I could see that if it flopped there would be even more call for Hollywood to get in there. They could probably get the rights cheaper and rework the script enough to capture all the disillusioned fans from the stage musical.

that is the best ida because i whant to konw what happens to the phantom at the end . he jyst walks away. i need more! i love the phantom fo the opera!

A new musical would be great but only if the story is good and a continuation of the original, therefore the same cast wouldn't necessarily be needed. ALW could show the Phantom's despair, depression and anger over being rejected by the one he loved and made a star, it may be a good way to bring in music with a different style.

If they did decide to make a film out of it they should approach Gerard Butler to star in it, after all it was one of the films that helped to get him notice.

I believe the entire premise around a sequel to a story like The Phantom of the Opera is that we all have questions in our minds as to what might have really happened to the Phantom inbetween his mysterious disappearance and finding his trademark red rose on Christine's grave at the end. It is intriguing to wonder but I think more than that, it gives us the opportunity for us to revisit the possibility that the Phantom could "win" the object of his desire and find some happiness in his lonely and tragic life. We secretely hope for the "happy ending" I suppose.

I believe the original writing of the story was based more on horror and has since evolved more in to a romance. As long as the sequel has a more "happy" ending, perhaps it will work. If the phantom looses again, it may not as it would give fans the sense that the underdog never wins and why tell the tale and would be a disappointment. Are you reading this ALW?

Speaking from a female perspective, what woman wouldn't dream of having a man who is so talented and who possesses such genius be so passionately obsessed with her that he continues to revolve and design his life around winning her love?

I also do believe that Gerard Butler IS the Phantom and even though he may have become more of an action performer as of late, he brings to the Phantom that sense of danger, passion and intensity that makes this Phantom so romantic and sexy! He has the same handsome, rustic charm of that era that Clark Cable had as Rhett Butler, even with the disfigurement of the Phantom's face. I couldn't take my eyes off of him! Gerard's performance was so powerful that the Phantom's love for Christine somehow downplayed the deformity and it didn't seem to matter.

The Phantom was a hundred times more appealing than Raoul, in my opinion, and I felt that Christine was too young to understand her own feelings and the passion of the relationship she had with the Phantom. It frightened and confused her in a sense. He was a taboo character and dangerous. She chose the safe and predictable Raoul.

I also hope that Madame Giry will be portrayed in a way that shows that she had feelings for the Phantom but her love for him only take's her so far as she understands the Phantom's deep love for Christine and her only desire is to see him happy, and she assists him in his pursuit. Her presence in the mix might add another level to the previous love triangle.

Hopefully, in the sequel, ALW will be able to recapture that intensity and raw passion and with the Christine character's maturity, she begins to realize where her true feelings and desires are, but of course, the Phantom must convince her and draw those feelings to the fore.

I hope ALW approaches Gerry Butler again for the role as he seems made for it and I pray he would accept it. The other cast members were excellent as well, and would like to see them again, but I feel only Gerard Butler could play our Phantom!

I think it would be best to have Butler to do the sequel. I personally do not like sequels that do not have the same main characters in it. If not, I would be disappointed, but I think that it would be a hit as a movie.

I thought the POTO film was the most beautiful fantasy film i have ever see and although i doubt it could be bettered, i would not mind seeing a sequel and all that beauty on the screen again. It's old Hollywood musical fantasy at it's best.
of course Gerard Butler should be the Phantom once again, no one else could look and give that kind of emotion and it doesn't matter he has gone off in different directions, he will never have a bigger impact on the screen than he did as Phantom as far as the ladies are concerned, although i know many men love it too. 300 is is next best.

After five years there are still POTO film screenings going on in privately hired cinemas,
The Music Of The Night will never be over and Gerard Butler will always be the film Phantom.


I forgot to mention in my post above, there is a Phantom Phorest in Scotland dedicated to Gerard Butler, the cast and film by fans worldwide, i doubt if many other films have that honour.


A sequel would definitely have an established audience, if only to see the original cast reprise their roles.

The few years that have passed between the 2004 & and any new film would account for any 'difference' in the actors themselves. It's to their credit that they do possess the talent that would carry it through to the new film. Nor could I see anyone but Joel Schumacher direct!

So far as thousands are concerned, Gerard Butler IS the Phantom with no equal. He created the film role as an absolute.

In Japan the film is constantly being shown in some theatre, it's considered a classic there with no argument.

In Los Angeles there has been a theatrical screening every November since 2005 attended by admirers who have loved the film since its debut & always finding new ones to attend.

It continues to be discussed, enjoyed & honored in more ways than any other film. It's definitely made it's own niche in cinematic history. Bravo to Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber! Bravo to Joel Schumacher! Never least, nor last, Bravissimo to Gerard Butler who has never chosen better, nor created a more emotionally real character.

I think a sequel is a horrible idea, when one takes into consideration the plot that Andrew Lloyd Webber plans to use.
Personally, there was a certain beauty added to the mystery behind "what happens next?" and once/if the sequel is made all the little might-haves and could-have-beens will all be meaningless compared with the knowledge of what DID occur next.
And if Gerard Butler is doing the Phantom again, I'm going to rebel and write many angry letters to individuals with the power to put a stop to it. For goodness sakes, he couldn't even sing remotely well when one looks at the talent out there today. There were FAR better candidates for the role of Phantom in the movie. Just because he can act the part doesn't mean he owns it; to own the role of Phantom you have to have the voice of a God (or someone close.)
And, the movie was a disaster anyway. If there were to be a sequel to the movie as well, someone keep Joel Whatshisface away!
The musical was magic, pure untouched magic. After the movie, the image of Phantom started to distort for me seeing as everytime I typed it in on google Gerard Butler and his not-so-deformed deformity would appear. I'm afraid that a sequel will only add to the distortion until it's nothing more than a broken piece of art with cracks ruining the surface.

I think that a sequel to Phantom would be marvelous. I loved the original film and am dying to see the show on Broadway. Gerard Butler was the perfect Phantom and no one else could possibly play the role as well as he did. His film roles are unique to himself. His role in P.S. I Love You made me fall in love with him, and only after re-watching Phantom (for the billionth time) did I realize it was the same man. Emmy was a good lead also, but I'm sure a lot of today's starlets could pull the role off very well. =)

Yes, a sequel. Yes, Gerard Butler. An incredibly talented man. I can't imagine anyone bringing the same intense passion and heartbreak to the Phantom character. It was easy to see why Shumacher chose him. His tears at the end made it obvious he genuinely felt the Phantom's pain and loss. I was amazed by that scene. And I thought his voice was just right. The rawness and power was a contrast to Raoul's smooth singing. I don't get it when people belittle his voice. Listen to the song "No One Would Listen" that didn't make it into the movie where he sings just as sweetly as Raoul. He was excellent and I would love to see more of him and ALW's music.



I am very excited to hear of a sequel. Yes, we all have experienced sequels that just did not live up to the original story, however I have great faith in Mr. Webber that he can come thru again with another epic production. I totally agree with previous posters that Gerard Butler IS the Phantom and I am hoping that he will once again play the Phantom in the sequel, it is hard to imagine it without him.
However I have always had one question about the movie version and perhaps someone can answer it for me. At the end----why does Christine give her engagment ring (from Raoul) to the Phantom? Is this her way of telling him that she loves him also, and that she will never forget him?

ALW personally said that he would not do a tv series on Phantom 2. And though I wish Gerry would come back for a sequel film, it's doubtful considering that he's never done a musical outside this. There have also been some complaints about his vocal ability, though I am personally keeping my fingers crossed for a return.

I think there definitely should be a sequel to the movie because pretty much every fan of the movie and/or book are waiting for another one. i for one am waiting for a sequel. there shouldn't be an end to the phantom until we see him atleast fight for christine's love one more time. i REALLY hope there will be a movie sequel


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