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Robert Downey Jr on Iron Man 2

RobertDowneyJr.jpgIron Man 2 we know has been announced, but we still don't have definite word on Robert Downey Jr and Jon Favreau's involvement in it. Downey Jr has been talking about what might be in the plan for the next installment, but stopped short of saying he was a cert to be starring.

Robert Downey Jr talked to Entertainment Weekly about what he and Jon Favreau had talked about regarding the second film.

There's this idea of Terrence [Howard] putting on a suit and coming back as War Machine, who is pretty iconic in the Iron Man and Marvel universe. Just seeing where it can all go, but grounding it in a very modern mythology. I see it as greatest dysfunctional family story ever told.... In The New York Post a couple days ago, [there was a cartoon] of Iron Man suited up, and he's telling the governor even his super-powers can't get him out of the budget problem. That was what Jon was hoping for and excited to see the most, the idea that Tony Stark and Iron Man can become part of the cultural fabric. When we heard posters were being defaced to promote political or social ideas, he just got such a hoot out of that.

On the subject of him appearing in the sequel he had this to say:

I really don't know. What I'm on board for right now is the ride home. I don't want to start talking out of my league, because that would have certainly been my inclination in the past. I kind of know how to keep my teeth together a little better than I used to.

Sounds like he's up for it but not wanting to speak too soon. Perhaps Jon Favreau agreeing to a sequel is crucial to his decision.



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