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Russell Brand abandons film plans

RussellBrand.jpgA few months ago we heard of Russell Brand's plan to make a film of his autobiography My Booky Wook. There was even talk of Michael Winterbottom being the director, and Russell Brand playing himself. He then went on TV and confirmed the plan to make the film.

Well he's now backtracking and has said he won't be making the film, and not because he's snowed under.

Talking to MTV Movies Blog, Russell Brand said he won't be making a film of My Booky Wook. The reason he says, is because he doesn't want people in America to know about his past.

I’m not going to make the Booky Wooky into a film anymore because then people in America will learn what my past is like. [Of course],people that can be bothered to read will know that I have a checkered past. Fingers crossed, we give them a book I’ve written already, I don’t have to do no more homework!

Well mate, if you didn't want anyone to know about your "checkered past", it was probably not a good idea to write a book about your life. Could it be that after getting a part in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and now a part in Get Him to the Greek, that he is worried what it might do to his new career?

I can't say I'm that fussed that he's dropped it, and I imagine Richard will be positively giddy. What about you, any Brand fans out there who wanted this film made?



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