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Scorsese to make Frank Sinatra film ?

FrankSinatra.jpgWith the 10 year anniversary of Frank Sinatra's death this week, a film based on his life could be on the cards, and Martin Scorsese could be the man to direct it. One of the stumbling blocks to the film being made though, is the differing attitudes of Sinatra's children. Both as to the form it should take, and what it should include.

IMDB reports that Tina Sinatra had been in discussions with Martin Scorsese, the aim being to make a film of her father's life. Tina Sinatra told the Los Angeles Times that for her, Scorsese was the only man for the job.

Her siblings though have other ideas. Nancy Sinatra wants a TV documentary series, and is worried that any film would dwell on the more negative aspects of his life. Frank Sinatra Jr meanwhile claims to have been kept entirely out of the loop.

It certainly isn't the best timing for the family dispute. Would you be interested in a Scorsese film on Frank Sinatra? Would you rather it was warts and all, or that it focused mainly on the story of his career?



That's interesting. I wrote about the news that Brett Ratner was going to be making a Frank Sinatra film from the viewpoint of his driver and it would star Chris Tucker.

That sounds terrible, so the thought that Martin Scorsese might be making a film about the man does hold a lot more attraction and possibly helps ease the fan's pain of the Ratner version.

With four Sammy Davis Jr. films on the go as well, it's about time we had some Dean Martin and general Rat Pack films too.


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