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Short film competition

A competition with a difference for you. Motorola are running a competition with Empire and O2, and you could win a new MOTO Z10 phone and £10,000. The competition is open to UK residents only. It's a great competition, so read on for more information.

Here are the Terms and Conditions. Get entering everyone, someone has to win.

The contest is called “DirectorME” and is quite easy to enter. Entrants should pick a ‘logline’ from the list below and use it to form the basis for a short film of no more than 90 seconds in length. As long as they relate to the logline, films can feature any subject matter the creator chooses (subject to the rules below): funny, emotive, thought-provoking or slapstick, all are welcome. And entries won’t be judged on production value – they can be as rough and ready as the creator likes.

The loglines are:

• It was only when the ‘For Sale’ sign came down, they truly understood the horror behind that door
• Never too old for revenge - pensioner with a grudge
• When the moon got too close
• Fashion disaster brings unlikely couple together

The contest details:

Step one - Entries must be posted to a YouTube group by May 30th from where they will be placed on a Motorola-branded YouTube channel. Entries in the first stage will be judged by the panel with representatives from Empire, O2, Motorola and advertising agency Ogilvy. However, it is also an opportunity to showcase your work in front of friends and family. The makers of the top twenty films will win a MOTO Z10 phone and be named as Finalists with their videos reviewed on Empire.com.

Step two - The twenty Finalists will be invited to produce a second short film, using only their newly prized MOTO Z10. They will be given a week to create the second film which they are required to post online to a YouTube group by the deadline of 13th June. These entries will be featured on Empire Magazine’s website and will be reviewed by the same panel of judges. The film judged best by the panel of judges will be declared winner and the maker will win the main prize of £10,000. The content from successful entries may also feature in a ‘DIY movie making’ video to be produced and released by Motorola at a later date to further promote the handset.

The Prize - The 20 winners of Stage One will receive the MOTO Z10 handset with which they are required to film an additional film with a ‘logline’ of their own creation. The overall winner will receive a cash prize of £10,000. The winner will not only get the plaudits and kudos associated with winning but also the opportunity to have their work scrutinised and critiqued by an esteemed panel of judges.

Complete contest details are on the website http://www.hellomoto.co.uk and the YouTube channel is http://uk.youtube.com/motoroladirectorme



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