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Spielberg and Jackson to co-direct Tin Tin

StevenSpielberg.jpgSteven Spielberg has confirmed that he is likely to co-direct one of the Tin Tin movies with Peter Jackson. There will be three in the series and one of them could see the two teaming up.

Steven Spielberg was talking about how he saw the three Tin Tin movies being made:

We are going to make three Tintin movies back-to-back. I'll direct the first one, Peter will direct the second one. We'll probably co-direct the third one.

The quote comes from stuff through /film. So not one, not two but three Tin Tin films. The first film should start filming this autumn. Seems strange that they would co direct, I wonder what that's going to look like...



I think we already knew there was going to be three and that Spielberg was to direct one and Jackson another. Perhaps this means that the third in the series will be co-directed by them both then?

Or it could be reversing the earlier decision and saying that they'll co-direct one and the other two are up for grabs?

I am more interested to see Lincoln, Interstellar and The Trial of the Chicago 7 done first than Tin Tin. Chop, chop Steven!


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