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Stalked: Bardem, Kidman and Palmer

Javier Bardem has pulled out the musical Nine.

Nicole Kidman could be set to play Dusty Springfield in a musical bio-pic.

And Teresa Palmer has signed on for Transformers 2.

Javier Bardem has pulled out of the musical Nine and will take a year off. He was to play a main role in Rob Marshall's adaptation of the Broadway show, which itsef is based on the film 81/2 by Federico Fellini. The news comes from Coming Soon.

Nicole Kidman could be coming to a theatre near you as Dusty Springfield. Word from NY Magazine through Cinematical is that Michael Cunningham, who also wrote The Hours, is writing the script. Springfield certainly had an eventful life, and this could be a great role for Kidman.

Teresa Palmer will be in Transformers 2 having missed out on Justice League of America. Moviehole reports that following Justice League's descent into development hell, she has snagged a role in Michael Bay's sequel.



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