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Stalked: Fruitcake,Unthinkable and Buck Rogers

Parker Posey and Johnny Knoxville are to be in a John Waters' film.

Samuel L Jackson has signed on for Unthinkable.

Buck Rogers will be coming to the big screen.

John Waters kids film Fruitcake has two new stars. Parker Posey and Johnny Knoxville are joining the project. News comes from Cinematical.

Samuel L Jackson is to be in Unthinkable. The plot centres on nuclear devices which are hidden on US soil, only one terrorist know where they are. Jackson's character will team up with a female FBI agent to find out. Sounds like your average plot of 24. Variety has news of Jackson's new project.

Nu Image/Millennium Films now have the film rights to Buck Rogers. News from Variety is that the family of Frank Dille, were keen to have the film made by a smaller studio. Disney did have the rights, but the Dille family wanted more control over the film.



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