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Stalked: Justice League of America,Magneto

Adam Brody has been talking about the Justice League of America debacle.

Someone might be making a guest appearance in Magneto.

Adam Brody was signed up to play The Flash in Justice League of America. But as we know it has had one problem after another. Empire spoke to Brody about what the hell was going on.

Actually, I probably shouldn't be commenting on it, but who cares. I don't really know – I still feel like an outsider on that somehow. I know there was a tax credit thing and I know that the strike was a hindrance. Also, you've got Batman coming out and Singer wants to do another Superman. This is only speculation on my part, I have no inside knowledge of this, but, as a fan, I think there's controversy about going off and trying to [show a different Superman and Batman]...I think maybe it will still happen, but I truly don't know any more than you do.

So he's in the dark as well. Will this thing ever get made?

The Beast may be showing up in Magneto. Latino Review got a sneak peek at something they probably weren't meant to, and it all points to a younger Beast in Magneto. Latino Review saw a photograph in a creature effects workshop. And say it showed a younger Beast in costume, someone at the workshop confirmed that Beast was in Magneto. Wonder what form that will take?



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