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Stalked: Nailed,Transformers 2,Rambo 5

Josh Brolin and Kirstie Alley are to be in a film together.

A former Home and Away actress may be in Transformers 2.

And Rambo 5 may be going down Mexico way.

Josh Brolin and Kirstie Alley will be in Nailed together. It's a romantic comedy with a political twist. I always loved Alley in Cheers, comedy is definitely her forte. The news comes from Jo Blo.

Isabel Lucas may have a role in Transformers 2 says Jo Blo. In Home and Away she survived a plane crash, joined a cult and became pregnant. Alien robots should be a breeze.

Rumour has it that Sylvester Stallone has an idea for Rambo 5. It may be a western set in present day in Mexico, and involve those kidnapping women. Filming might start next year. The news comes from StalloneZone.com through Moviehole. We'll find out in time if it's true.



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