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Stalked: Swayze,Grisham,Philip K. Dick

Could Patrick Swayze be appearing in Point Break Indo?

John Grisham's Playing for Pizza is to be made into a film.

Philip K. Dick's Ubik is also being made into a film.

This is another one for the rumour file. Patrick Swayze could be asked to appear in the pointless, Point Break Indo. According to dailyindia through Moviehole, Swayze will be asked to revisit his character from the first film. How they would fit Bodhi in with a brand new bunch of thieves, twenty years later, and have it make sense? Plus with Swayze's health issues will it really be a priority, even if it was offered?

It's been a while since one of John Grisham's books was made into a film. For a while there seem to be a conveyor belt of them. Well we have one on the horizon now, Playing for Pizza is to be made into a film. I haven't read this one but reading the rough plot on Yahoo! it reads like this:

The story centers on a washed-up NFL quarterback who finds a new perspective on life and a love for all things Italian when his agent lands him a deal to play with a semi-professional team in Parma, Italy.

I'll confess to reading that the first time and waiting for the word "lawyer" to show up, and being pleasantly surprised when it didn't.

Philip K. Dick's novel Ubik, is to get a big screen version. Celluloid Dreams will work with the writers daughter, Isa Dick Hackett on the film version. Filming will start early next year, with Dick Hackett saying to Variety:

Our dad very much wanted this novel to be reimagined in this way and we are happy to be partnering with Celluloid Dreams, whose overall vision and appreciation of the material is consistent with our own.



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