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Stalked: Spielberg, The A Team and Thor rumours

Steven Spielberg is to turn his attention to Abraham Lincoln.

The A Team may have found a Hannibal.

And could Brad Pitt be Thor?

Steven Spielberg may finally get his biopic of Abraham Lincoln up and running next year. He had planned to make The Trial of the Chicago Seven, but the writers strike has put a spanner in the works. Variety says the film is based on the biography The Uniter: The Genius of Abraham Lincoln, written by Doris Kearns Goodwin's. Apparently Liam Neeson has been attached to play Lincoln for three years, and is still waiting to get going. Now that's patience.

Take the following news with a pinch of salt. Word on the street in Hollywood, is that the role of Hannibal in John Singleton's The A Team may be played by Bruce Willis. He's certainly been mentioned posts here as a favourite.

Latino Review has the inside gossip, and it doesn't stop there. The next name mentioned for the role of Thor is none other than Brad Pitt. At least he can act, god forbid Triple H from WWE was to get the role.

So what do you think, are Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt good choices?



I don't believe for a second that Brad Pitt would play Thor. Then again I wouldn't have believed that Ed Norton would play the Hulk.

Willis for Hannibal? Well I could see that, but I'm not so sure he's a great fit. Get Gene Hackman!! If everyone's shooting high why not on the A-Team?


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