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Stalked: The Spirit, Jonah Hill, T4

The release date for The Spirit has been moved.

Jonah Hill will not be in Transformers 2.

And there is a rumour over what Common's role in T4 will be.

Frank Miller's comic book adaptation of The Spirit, has had it's US release date moved. Instead of the 16th January 2009 to December 25th 2008. So you can open your presents and then head out to see it. The news is from Coming Soon.

Jonah Hill will not be appearing in Transformers 2. According to /film negotiations have between Hill and Dreamworks have ended. The studio is now looking for a different actor for a different role.

This isn't confirmed so consume with a pinch of salt.Common's role in Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, could be that of Miles Dyson's son Daniel. The character appeared briefly in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, when Sarah Connor went to visit Miles' wife. The news comes from Moviehole.



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