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Stalked: Tom Cruise and Ellen Page

Tom Cruise could still be in Mission Impossible 4.

Ellen Page is to tackle a Bronte heroine.

Word from Variety is that despite the public falling out between Tom Cruise and Paramount, he is welcome to star in a Mission Impossible 4 film. Sumner Redstone who is boss of Viacom says despite the split with Cruise and Paula Wagner he is welcome back for any new Mission Impossible film. The split came in 2006 following Cruise's couch jumping antics on Oprah, and his rather incendiary comments on anti-depressants. But never let it be said that studio bosses let anything get in the way of making some cash, Redstone says that if Cruise is asked back by the Paramount boss Brad Gray then it's fine with him. Glad that's sorted. Now they just need Cruise to agree.

Juno star Ellen Page is to star as Jane Eyre. Variety says that Allison Owen is to work with the BBC on a movie adaptation of the much adapted novel. Filming should start in the Autumn.



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