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Stalked: Weinsteins,McElhone and Ritchie

The Weinstein Company is to make a live action Fraggle Rock film.

Natasha McElhone will be playing Britain's first female doctor.

And Guy Ritchie looks to be directing Sgt Rock.

The Weinstein Company are to make a live action version of Fraggle Rock.Cory Edwards who directed Hoodwinked will write and direct this one as well. The Weinstein Co will be working with The Jim Henson Co. on the film. The plot from Variety does sound strange though:

...It will take the core characters Gogo, Wembley, Mokey, Boober and Red outside of their home in Fraggle Rock, where they interact with humans, which they think are aliens.

My recollections of Fraggle Rock were of them living under ground, and only coming out occasionally. I'm not convinced by some Muppet style adventure through a large city, but I'm sure kids will love it.

Natasha McElhone will play someone believed to be Britain's first female doctor. She used the name James Barry, and is believed to have disguised herself as a man in order to be able to become a doctor. She served as a doctor in the British Army and is believed to have performed the first caesarean section in Africa. Certainly an interesting life, and a potentially interesting role for McElhone. The news comes from Variety.

In an interview with AICN, Joel Silver has said that Guy Ritchie will direct Sgt Rock. No word on who will play the man himself. It should be interesting to see what Guy Ritchie does with the comic book genre.



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