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Stalked:Amelia,Chris Noth,Brandon Routh

Ewan McGregor is to co star in Amelia.

Chris Noth is to star in My One and Only.

Brandon Routh gets a Table for Three.

Ewan McGregor is to co star in Amelia alongside Hilary Swank. McGregor will be playing Gene Vidal, father of Gore Vidal, and who Ameila Earhart had an affair with. Richard Gere is also starring as her husband George Putnam. The news comes from Coming Soon.

Following his return to the character of Mr Big in Sex and the City, Chris Noth is to co star with Renee Zellweger. Variety say the couple will star in My One and Only, which is based on a childhood experience of George Hamilton. In it Zellweger will play a woman going from city to city, looking for a man to fund the lifestyle of her and her kids. Noth will play retired military doctor who might be the guy.

Seemingly fed up waiting on a Superman sequel, Brandon Routh has agreed to appear in Table for Three. The comedy sees Routh play a single man, who shares his flat with a couple. The couple manage to interfere with his new found romance. Jesse Bradford and Sophia Bush will play the couple in question. The news comes from Moviehole.



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