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Stalked:Flash Gordon,Michael Jordan,King Lear

Remake number one for today is Flash Gordon.

Spike Lee is to make a documentary on Michael Jordan.

And we have details of the latest King Lear film.

Word has it that Flash Gordon is the next up for a remake. The Hollywood Reporter say that Columbia are in talks for the film rights. Breck Eisner would direct and Neal Moritz would produce. Flash Gordon was made into a film in 1980, and has already had an update thanks to the TV show.

News from Variety is that, Spike Lee is making a documentary about basketball legend Michael Jordan. It will include unseen footage shot by the NBA towards the end of his career, the NBA are also bank rolling the film. Should be an interesting documentary, between his amazing basketball career, his two retirements, including a stint in baseball and his return to the Washington Wizards. I'd like to see this one.

There is to be another King Lear film. The Telegraph through Cinematical has cast details of the adaptation. Keira Knightly will play Cordelia, Gwyneth Paltrow is rumoured to be Regan,and the youngest daughter Goneril, has not been cast yet. King Lear will be played by Anthony Hopkins, but no director has been named yet.



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