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Hancock has hit some trouble.

Frank Darabont is to direct Law Abiding Citizen.

And The Weinstein Co will make The Alchemist

Hancock starring Will Smith has been reshooting in New York City. And now the news from Cinema Blend is that the world premiere in Sydney has been cancelled. Let's hope the reshoots fix whatever the problem was.

Frank Darabont will direct Law Abiding Citizen. It is the first film made by Gerard Butler's production company, Evil Twins. Cinematical say the plot will see a criminal boss controlling a city from prison, Butler will play a District Attorney standing in his way. The original plot had the DA being targeted by a person who feels mistreated by the legal system. Filming will start in August.

The Weinstein Company are to make a film of Paulo Coelho's novel The Alchemist. The Hollywood adaptation will be directed by Laurence Fishburne. Fishburne will also play The Alchemist, and Harvey Weinstein is going to produce. News comes from Yahoo!.



I wonder what the problem with Hancock is. Perhaps it just wasn't playing well or the execs weren't happy with the ending.

Interestingly in Las Vegas they invite you in for free to watch pilots for series that they're planning to start on US TV and take your comments to see if they're going to play them or not.

I wonder how people can get involved in the film screenings that must go on?


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