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Stalked:Jackie Chan,Street Fighter

Jackie Chan is to make a film about the Chinese earthquake.

We have an image of Kristen Kruek in Streetfighter: The Legend of Chun Li.

Jackie Chan will make a film about the Chinese earthquake, it will be made to raise money for those affected. He has already started talking to directors and scriptwriters. He had this to say through BBC:

I want to make the movie about the earthquake because there's so many touching stories. Twenty channels report a different story and every story I see just makes me cry. I believe there are so many touching stories so we're going to have a big meeting to see what happens. I want through the movie to show the whole world, I really want to salute the whole army of China, really.

He's already donated £700,000 to help the victims in Sichuan province.

We have an image from Streetfighter: The Legend of Chun Li for you. This one shows Kristin Kruek as Chun Li. The image is over on Coming Soon. What do you think, was she a good choice? Or like me, would you rather there wasn't another Streetfighter film in the first place!



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