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Stalked:Michael Moore,The Love Guru, Nicolas Cage,

Michael Moore is to make a follow up documentary to Fahrenheit 9/11.

The British Film Institute is not a fan of The Love Guru.

Nicholas Cage is to play a Bad Lieutenant.

Michael Moore is making a documentary to follow on from Fahrenheit 9/11. It should be released in the middle of next year. Not many details are available but it may well take place where Fahrenheit 9/11 ended. /Film report that Moore will not be working with The Weinstein Co, who have distributed his last two films.

Mike Myers' film The Love Guru has been getting a rough time, and not because it looks fairly non humorous. The British Film Institute has said it will not distribute the film in the UK. Some Hindu groups were not happy with the film's portrayal of their faith. Myers plays an American raised outside the country, but who comes back to make money through the self help market. The BFI's decision won't mean that it will not be screened at all, but it certainly shows the controversy that it has stirred up. The news comes from Cinematical.

Nicolas Cage is to star in an "updated" version of Bad Lieutenant, according to Variety. Updated, that means remake right. He will take on the role played by Harvey Keitel in the 1992 version. Werner Herzog will be directing. Let's hope it's half decent, need I mention the last "update" Cage did of The Wicker Man.



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