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Stalked:Nailed,Flowers of Kirkuk,Downey Jr

Nailed is experiencing more problems.

Romeo and Juliet is to get a different take in Flowers of Kirkuk.

And could Robert Downey Jr be Hugh Hefner?

Every film has problems during production but Nailed is having more than it's fair share, and it's all down to cash. Filming has already been shut down twice due to not enough money being set aside to pay actors, and behind the scenes staff not being paid. Well the money worries have struck again, the behind the scenes staff still aren't being paid so production has been halted again.

Nailed tells the story of a waitress ends up with a nail embedded in her head, which causes unpredictable behaviour. She decides to take legal action and ends up with an inexperienced young senator on her case. The cast includes Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Biel, Kirstie Alley and James Brolin. The news comes from Cinematical.

From Variety through Cinematical, Romeo and Juliet is to inspire the new film Flowers of Kirkuk. It will be a co-production between Europe and Iraq, with Hero Talabani, the wife of Iraqi president Jala Talabani one of the producers. The setting will be Kirkuk during the ethnic cleansing which took place in the early 80's. The story will centre on a young woman from Baghdad and a Kurdish doctor trying to help victims.

Rumour has it that Robert Downey Jr could be the man to play Hugh Hefer in a biopic of the Playboy mogul. The film would concentrate on the early years of the Playboy magazine. Jo Blo reports that Hefner himself has given Downey Jr's name the thumbs up. We shall have to wait and see if Downey Jr is up for it or not. The last rumour we heard on this project was Tom Cruise to play Hugh Hefner. I think I'd prefer Downey Jr.



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